Art, Cult and Commerce: Japanese Cinema Since 2000
by Mark Schilling   (Paperback and Kindle, 2019)

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From popular genre films to cult avant-garde works, Japanese Cinema in the New Millennium is an essential guide to Japan's vibrant film culture. This book offers an in-depth look at hundreds of new landmark Japanese movies as well as undeservedly neglected ones. Interwoven with detailed analyses, Mark Schilling includes reviews, profiles, and interviews with Japan's world-class directors and stars. This book enables students, teachers, and lovers of Japanese cinema to make new discoveries while learning more about their favorite films.
Mark Schilling set off for Japan in 1975 to immerse himself in the culture, learn the language, and haunt the theaters. He has been there ever since. In 1989 he became a regular film reviewer for the Japan Times, and has written on Japanese film for a variety of other publications, including Screen International, the Japan edition of Premier, the Asian edition of Newsweek, Asian Wall Street Journal, Japan Quarterly, Winds, Cinemaya, and Kinema Jumpo.


ISBN-13: 978-1937220099