Eiko & Koma (tentative title)

by Forrest Gander   (Paperback and Kindle, 2018)

“Life seems to succeed death rather than precede it [in Eiko & Koma’s dancing]”
—New York Times

New York-based Japanese contemporary dance duo Eiko & Koma have received awards ranging from the “genius” MacArthur Grant to Dance Magazine’s prize for lifetime achievement. The duo’s choreography is vividly captured and creatively extended in this acclaimed poetry collection by American Pulitzer Prize Finalist Forrest Gander. Gander has published over a dozen books of poetry and fiction as well as translations of Pablo Neruda, Gozo Yoshimasu, and many others. Gander currently teaches at UC Berkeley and previously has taught at Harvard and Brown Universities.This poetry collection includes photographs by Anna Campbell. It was translated by Eri Nakagawa and Matthew Chozick.
アメリカの詩人フォレスト・ギャンダーによる、Eiko & Koma (日本出身の舞踏ユニット) をテーマにした写真入り詩集。パフォーマンス・アートを言語芸術へと見事に転生させた詩作品全20篇を収録。写真はアナ・キャンベル、日本語対訳は中川映里とマシュー・チョジック。